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 Oh, yes–hi,

     thanks... yes–

   is Mike available?


...no, the other one–  Mike         McGinsbürger... 


... sure,

    I can hold–

"Somewhere"Barbara Streisand
"Somewhere"Barbara Streisand

...still here, yes. 

"Somewhere"Barbara Streisand
"Somewhere"Barbara Streisand

...Hi. Yes. No– not going anywhere– hey,      quick question though– does your     hold music loop just that one song?

– oh really not a problem, I

can hold all day... for months on end. 

...yes, I'm still here.

Listen. Several months of sitting and silence to avoid falling a year behind. Hard work, dedication and avoiding a fall is not guaranteed.  If you manage to sit successfully for several months, it can take up to a year to delay falling 

Do you ever wonder how far behind you can fall in one year? 

Do you ever wonder how long it would take to fall a year behind? 


takes to fall a year behind?

Do you ever wonder how to fall behind for a year?  

One fall a day is all it takes to reach a year behind 

Falling behind can be 

Remain seated. Don't get ahead of yourself.  Do you ever wonder how to fall a year behind in only  

I've fallen a year behind in only a few short months. 

Breakthrough. If you remain seated, one day at a time, for several months at a time,

To fall behind while sitting can take several months,  longer 

Can you avoid falling a year behind if you never stand? If you remain seated, avoid movement  stnad several months at a time, 

If you fall  the sitting position, it's impossible 

If I remain seated for several months, 

It's impossible to fall a year behind from the sitting position for several months on end. One day at a time, for several months


for several months   fall a year behind 

I've realized the only way to avoid falling a year behind is to not stand.  you sit for several months 

Several months is all it takes    you can stretch out over a few months behind for a year can fast-traack  behind with only several months of ? The answer might surprise you, but it's just one of my secrets to success: never get ahead, never fall behind. 


 ever wonder what  If you never get ahead, you never fall behind. problem. and  one of my success secrets:     take to fall behind it you secrets of success story can take several months to fast-track. 

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#37. Subway Sneaker Shine

Let's update a few dusty subway shoeshine stations with a sneakerhead-approved sneaker shine service. 

#27. Lyft Coach Transportation  

Transportation transformation up in here. Let's drive positive conversations across the globe with a life coaching certification program for Lyft drivers. Select the Lyfted Experience upgrade option to journey through limitless possibility while en route to your destination.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 5.17.34 AM.png

#03. Transparenski

Skis cut from transparent acrylic plexiglass allows for clear full-spectrum line of vision and a weightless float underfoot.  

patent-1 copy.jpg

#18. Sport Stick

Finally: a sporty way to quit. The Sport Stick is an inhaleable non-overdoseable B12 vitamin vapor designed to the exact size and weight specifications of a classic American Spirit cigarette. 

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#01. Upscale Upcycle 

We'll repurpose factory landfill scraps from Versace, Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada–  into luxury cat toys for fancy cats. 

#25. Future of the Family Photo Album

Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 12.12.40 PM co

#13. The Wearable Wallet

Get rid of the baggage and wear your wallet. This is a layerable unisex vest designed with basic functional utility with easy-grab sealable pockets for keys, cards, tons of cash, gum wrappers, loose change, pen n' paper, crumpled receipts, phone charger, clenched fists. 

#22. All-InSoles

The status of foot health today is unstable. So many problems in our orthopedic health can be tied back to footwear and structural alignment. The custom footwear and orthotic support are expensive, and not accessible to the general population.

Grounded is a 3D-printed new line footwear and insoles. 3D camera Kiosks set up in nationwide retail establishments will take a 3D printed photograph of your feet, and a custom insole will be printed according to your specifications.


#36. Google Search History: An Exposé

Let's put our personal google search histories on public display for the world to discover what really keeps us up at night. 


#23. Walker 2020

The typical design of a "walker" further exacerbates the core issue it’s meant to support. Let’s team up with health care providers on a federal level to level-up mobility for a rapidly aging population.

#14. Keep a Cool Head 

Freezable 5-panel cap with an ultra-thin ice pack in each panel pocket.  


#32.  3014 Cocktail Hour

Modern times taste like basic bars, boring breweries, watery watering holes, and lackluster lounge joint establishments. These spaces thirst for the tall tales and tall drinks Opa used to mix up for cocktail hour in the garden. 


Let's design social establishments like the distant happy hours of family gatherings filled with friends, heavy high balls, sofas with loose change buried deep in the seat cushions, coffee tables you can put your feet up on, merriment, stories, slow-dancing, photos, history, that one song on repeat. 


Let's meet at that new place. 3014. You know the Place. It's a replica of my grandparents living room exactly as I remember it at 3014 Mt. St. Helens Place in Seattle. The house cocktail is Mimi's favorite: Fresca & vodka on the rocks. 



#40. The Workbench

If you’re like me, you don’t have a desk. You have lots of “micro- desk-spaces” in your 2-room apartment; aka lots of piles of stuff everywhere. 

#43. iContact 

A parascope eye-contact simulator attachment for your laptop. 

#45. iWill

Death is a natural part of life, yet, especially in Western culture, the topic of our inevitable shared fate is simply not up for discussion. Until now. Let's light up this dark path and create an online platform to soulfully simplify end-of-life planning and resources for things like end of life care, celebration and memorial ideas, Last Will and Testament, final disposition and resting place, last words.  


Judith would like her ashes to be mixed with the seedlings of an oak tree, planted with care in a special place, to grow into a natural-living energy source for future generations

#46. Taxi Translator

96% of New York’s taxi and ride-service drivers are non-english speaking citizens from all over the world who rely on computer navigation programs rather than verbal directions to reach a destination. 


Should a driver and passenger consent to a conversation, why not remove the language barrier and open the door to human connection?


For less than the cost of a one-off silent one-way ride to JFK from midtown Manhattan, one could purchase and install a touch-screen device with user-friendly type-to-speak translator app.

#13. Alexa x Books For The Blind

The Books for the Blind Program is an initiative of the United States National Library Service which provides audio recordings of books free of charge to people who are blind or visually impaired.The problem is, they have to see a catalog to order titles and rent an antiquated tape player device. 


Let's work together to create a fully integrated program between USNL and Amazon, creating voice-activated access to all the titles in the Books for the Blind library. 

#20. Democracy.TV

Public access cable television was invented for public access. Freedom of speech in this country shouldn’t belong to the few with a media channel and reach. This is a democracy. Each city and state should provide their citizens the tools to speak and craft their messages- in any way they want, along with a platform to broadcast their message freely to the public. 

#42. Me2.0

Hello, Ladies. Tired of perpetuating a culture of shame? #metoo. Let's create an open-access Google doc for all humans, men and women, to share shame stories and personal confessions.

#08. Variety Show

Gone are the days of Ed Sullivan, Sonny and Cher, Yo! MTV Raps. Music brings people together. Let's create a weekly live entertainment platform in the format of a weekly hosted variety show. Programming to include live performances, interviews, and genre-spanning superjams. 


#48. Etsy World Market

Inspired by the Chiang Mai night bazaar, let's create the World's Fair of open-air free-trade craft markets. We'll invite hundreds of makers across the global Etsy network to come together and pop-up shop in this universally crafted retail experience. 


#07. Beautiful Porno

The age of easy-access internet porn has created an epidemic of teens with a distorted understanding of sex and intimacy.


Let's collaborate with prized film directors and cinemetographers to create a new mainstream porn genre/art form in celebration of real, raw, diverse, awkward, beautiful humans in action. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 12.02.33 PM.pn

#41. WeWear Pants

Who wears the pants? We all do. These pants are designed to stretch as far as you do.  

Figure 4.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 5.05.19 AM.png

#06. The Perfect Notebook

Designed for the nimble mind. Perforated edges for a clean tear-out. Alternating blank, lined, graph, and dotted pages

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 5.08.04 AM.png

#04. Shoppable Home Tour

Imagine: Ebay and Sotheby's get together to create an immersive home estate tour. We'll capture a 360° navigable digital experience, inviting the world to shop the walls and stories of your estate.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 3.26.12 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 3.40.58 PM.png

#09. Cat Scratch Keyboard

Cats need to scratch and humans need entertainment. A cardboard scratcher in the shape of a keyboard is a win-win when it looks like kitty is jammin out on the keys. 

#39. Government Grants

Thousands of government grants go unfunded every year because no one is applying for them. I'd like to create a space where people are able to easily navigate and go after government- funded opportunities to create impact in the world around us. 

#17. Mallin'

Malls across the country are closing at a rapid pace. Sadly, the American mall experience is a dying cultural tradition. What happened to spending long Saturdays at the mall with your friends? Shopping, Stuntin' jean shorts and tank tops, people watching, inside jokes, food courts, escalators, arcade Pop-a-Shot, something for everyone, movies, back-to-back PG-13's, ice skating, santa, radio hits live on the baby grand, crushes, flirting, zero game, too much candy, ice cream by the scoop, Hot Dog on a Stick, America. 


Let's go all in on a mallin' experience for the 2020 holiday retail season. We'll rent entire vacant mall properties to sublease retail spaces to local and national retailers, food vendors, entertainment and live music partners, plus Sharper Image.

#18. Live Aid 2020 

LiveAid was one of the biggest concerts in history, raised X amount for AIDS. Let’s bring the shared equity charitable venture back in style with a broadcast concert event and celebrity telethon.

#30. Berghain Brooklyn

Let's dance NYC back to its club culture roots.  Berhgain in Berlin is one of the most famous dance clubs on Earth. Known for some of the biggest DJs and the transformative power of dance, diversity, acceptance, humanity.


Opening summer 2020: Berghain Brooklyn.


#34. Talk Time 2020 

More than 100,000 pay phones are still in operation around the country and it's time to bring "talking" back in style. 

Phone a friend or a stranger, or feel free to pick up any ringing telephone as the call you've been waiting on. Potential for nice campaign in collaboration for big comms client. 

#35. Immigration Island

There are thousands of unoccupied islands on international waters, many are farmable with potable water sources. Can world leaders work together to create a safe passage and establish a new self-sustainable nation for Syria's refugees?

#50. Stupid Questions

Everyone knows there's SO such thing as a stupid question, and we're all desperate to not be that guy so let's open a space where stupid questions are legitimately celebrated. Google doc. Open-access. Easier to use than Reddit. 


#33. HD Air Time

Modern air travel is a magnificent marvel of human creation. How can we create a mind-blowing experience on an everyday commuter jet? 


Let's go HD fullscreen on that view. Shades up. It's 2020, so I know we can figure this out.

#31. WISE Magazine

VICE, the magazine for culturally-woke hipsters gets WISE for the 65+demographic. 

#29. Remote Remote

Lets set up 360 HD live-steam cameras in the most remote locations on earth. 

#38. Free Junk

With our help, in collaboration with global shipping partners, the non-profit Freecycle Network could grow into a massive trading floor to alleviate some of the trash we're dumping in the ocean. 

#10. Good Light

Modern LED light bulbs are taking over the home, making it difficult to see one another in the best light possible. The Good Light is a collapsible/expandable paper lamp shade designed to fit an assortment of bulbs, fixtures, and styles. 


#11. Homemaking 2020

"Homemaker" feels like a 1950s stay-at-home mom with an immaculate apron and passion for starchy linens...until now. The making of a home is virtuous work, and also a timeless art form. Home is where the heart is, and no one makes a home in 2020 like my 75-year-old mom, Susan Longfield, who can fold form and function into a tidy fitted sheet. 


In this quarterly webinar series and companion zine, Susan walks us through the seasonal intricacies of homemaking with craft, purpose, and wisdom.   

#02. LiveMix.tv

What if Chat Roulette, Boiler Room, Soundcloud, and Youtube spun itself into universal live-stream music channel? DJs around the world could mix into the live track with a sick-ass BPM-matched banger to create an infinite, ultimate 24/7 dance party forever.  

#19. Forlini's Streetwear

Streetwear is the hottest trend of the new decade. Let’s pay homage to the service of street wear. Let’s make streetwear branded for the establishments that know about actual service of street culture. Forlinis is a long-standing nyc staple.

#15. Tommy Ford x Olympics 2022

Ski racing goes high for the winter olympics.   

#47. Jane Fonda 2020

Jane Fonda will make a comeback this year with a relaunch of her famous fitness videos, aired live, in style, 3 days a week. 


#21. Bag It

The perfect pouch for all of mankind designed to keep all our little companions in one place.    

#49. Open Enrollment

Retired professors across the world create a digital platform of master classes, divided into various curriculum. 


#44. Adventure Pubs

Hard-to-reach pop-up social clubs are gathering spaces for the few who go the distance.

#24. Highway Grooves

What if we were to pave micro-grooves into freeways like the pressing of a vinyl record. Car tires would act as needle on these symphonic roadways, where harmony is achieved when driving at the posted speed limit. 

#46. Phone Booth Album Drop

Who gets to drop their new album/single at phone booths across America? 

#26. "Shakedown" on Broadway

The Grateful Dead created a cultural microcosm of loyal followers. A core part of the fan experience is Shakedown: an open-air open-trade trade market usually set up in the parking lot before and after the shows. 


Let’s bring the stories of shakedown to the world stage in “Shakedown on Broadway”, a love story about the interconnectedness of the human experience backed by one long jam of a musical score. 

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